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Updated 03/10/2009

Board Accessories

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Here are some accessories for the boards that I offer:




Aluminum Stand-Off Kit: $3.50


This kit consists of 4 aluminum standoffs, 1/2" long, threaded for 4-40 screws and eight 1/2"L 4-40 screws.



Thermocouples: $15.00


These are thermocouples that can be used with any of the Thermocouple Boards that I offer.  They are high quality 30 gauge wire with a welded tip.  They are 3 feet long and are available as either Type J or Type K.  Please specify which type you want when ordering.



Thermocouple Amplifier Chips: $15.00


These are the Thermocouple Amplifier chips that I use on my Thermocouple Amplifier Boards.  I am offering them just in case you fry one or want to change the one on your board to accommodate a different type of thermocouple.  Available types are for Type J or Type K thermocouples.  Please specify which type you want when ordering.


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