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Updated 03/10/2009

LCD-Based Boards

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Here are some circuit boards that I developed that are based on PIC microcontrollers and have LCD Displays

Exhaust Gas Temperature Display: $100.00

This board was designed for car enthusiasts who wish to monitor the temperature of their exhaust gas in order to fine tune their engine’s performance.  This board has 2 TC inputs (type K) and a back-lit LCD to display the 2 temperatures.  The design is based on the Analog Devices AD595 (type K) Thermocouple Amplifier and has additional circuitry to enable its use in automotive applications.  The unit can display either degrees C or F by changing a jumper on the board.

The maximum temperature that can be displayed is 1000 degrees C (1800 F).  This board can be powered from car power ranging from 12 to 24V DC.

Thermocouples are not included.


Info Sheet


Digital Thermostat: $75.00


This board uses a PIC microcontroller to read the temperature from a type K thermocouple, display the temperature and control a 10A relay based on the user-entered setpoint.  When the temperature drops below the setpoint, the relay activates.  The LCD displays the temperature and the setpoint and is back-lit for low light conditions.

The temperature range is 32 – 200 degrees F (display of temperature in degrees C is available on request).  This board can be powered from 7.5 to 24V DC.

Thermocouples are not included.  Type J TC capability available upon request


Info Sheet

Gen-R-Mind-R Digital Current Display: $175.00

I recently installed a whole house generator on my house to provide power in the event of a power failure.  I was surprised to find that there was no way to monitor the power being generated so I never new how close I was getting to the maximum limit.  So, I built this board to monitor the current on both legs of power being supplied by the generator.  I also added the feature of recording the peak loads that can be displayed and reset at the press of a button.  The current for both legs is displayed on a 2-line back-lit LCD.  The board is mounted in a nice enclosure and comes with a power supply and two current transducers that will go around the 2 legs of power being monitored.  The maximum current monitored is 75A per leg (higher amperages available).  Display resolution is 1A.  Note: These are built to order.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.


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