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Updated 03/10/2009

Rain / Moisture Sensors

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These are handy little circuit boards if you are interested in monitoring for the presence of a liquid (rain, leak, etc.).  They use Darlington Transistors which enables these to work with very clean (low conductivity) liquids.  You can use this to detect rain and turn off your automatic sprinkler system or to monitor for a leak around your washing machine, fish tank, water heater, etc.  It detects the presence or absence of liquid at the tip of the sensor which can be simply 2 wires stuck into a dry sponge that when the sponge gets wet, the on-board relay is activated.  When the relay is activated, the voltage that is applied at the input of the circuit board will be switched from the normally closed contact of the relay to the normally open contact.


DC Version: $13.50

Info Sheet

AC Version: $15.00

Info Sheet

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