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Updated 03/10/2009

Thermocouple Amplifiers

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These circuit boards are based on the Analog Devices AD595 Thermocouple Amplifier.  The nice thing about this chip is that it has on-board ice-point reference so there is no need to compensate for it.  The output for these boards is approximately 10mV per degree C.  For instance, if you are measuring 15 degrees C, the output from this circuit will be 150 mV.  –15 degrees C =  -150 mV.  If you use a DAC board with this, it must be able to handle these voltages. These boards use a Type J or K thermocouple (not included).  Please specify which type thermocouple you want to use when ordering.  There are several designs that I offer depending on what your needs are.  They are as follows:


Version 1: $27.00


Requires 5 to 15 VDC input.  It will monitor temperatures above 0 degrees Celsius (C) (32 degrees Fahrenheit   (F)).  Very simple board – only one chip and 3 connections.  Note: Most DAC boards provide a 5VDC output that can power this.  Maximum temperature measured at 5V is 500 C.  Higher temperatures require higher input voltages.  Output is 10 mV per degrees C.


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Version 2: $29.00


Requires 5VDC input (due to 5V inverter).  It will monitor temperatures above AND below 0 degrees C.  Has a voltage inverter added that is required to monitor temperatures below 0 degrees C.  Maximum temperature measured is 500 C.  Output is +/- 10 mV /degrees C.


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Version 3: $30.50


Requires 7.5 – 32 VDC input.  Same specs as Version 2 but now has the ability to operate at higher input voltages if 5VDC is not available. 


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Version 4: $110.00


Requires 7.5 – 32 VDC input.  Same specs as Version 3 but this version can accommodate 4 thermocouples.


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EGT Version: $35.00

This board was designed for car enthusiasts who wish to monitor the temperature of their exhaust gas in order to fine tune their engine’s performance.  The design is based on the Analog Devices AD595 (type K) Thermocouple Amplifier and has additional circuitry to enable its use in automotive applications.

Maximum output is 5V DC at 1000 degrees C (1832 F).  This board is intended to be used with a DAC device to handle temperature conversion.  Requires 12 to 24VDC power.  Thermocouple is not included.  Two, 3 and 4-channel versions of this board are available.  Add $25.00 per additional channel.  Please order the 2, 3, and 4-channel boards by emailing me with your request.



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Calibration Service $15.00


For an additional $15.00 per TC channel, I will provide a up to a 10 point calibration for the board that you order.  You can tell me what temperature range that you want.  I can go up to 1000 degrees C (1832 F).  I will provide you the voltage output at the temperatures that you specify.  This is not to be considered calibration to a NBS Certified reference.  This will just get you much closer than if you were to just do it yourself.





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