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Updated 03/10/2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        Can you make modifications to your designs?

A:         Yes.  Since I build my boards to order, I can make changes fairly easily.


Q:        How much does this cost?

A:         It really depends on what the modification is.  Some minor modifications I can do for free.  As the mods get more complex, I will charge a Modification Fee plus costs associated with added/different parts.


Q:        If I already have a design, can you build me a board?

A:         Yes.  If you give me a circuit design that you know works, I can lay it out and build you a board.  The price will depend on the complexity of the design and components.  If you already have the 1:1 artwork, I can etch and drill a board for you.


Q:        Can you do custom designs?

A:         Yes.


Q:        Can you build a board for me under a Confidentiality Agreement?

A:         Yes.  I have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that both parties can sign.  This protects you from me selling or using your design.


Q:        Can I get silk-screening done on the component-side of the board?

A:            Unfortunately, I am not set up to do that.


Q:        Can you handle large orders?

A:         I have filled orders for up to 100 boards of the same design.  Of course, there is some time involved in this.  Large orders will take about 2 weeks to get out.  Depends on the board.


Q:        How big of a board can you make?

A:         Right now I am limited to about 5.75” x 9”


Q:        Can you put your boards in enclosures?

A:         Yes, but I try to avoid it.  That usually take a lot of my time, so if you want to pay for it, I can.  If you have an enclosure that you want one of my boards to fit into, send one to me and I’ll resize the board to fit and line up with mounting posts.


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