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Updated 03/10/2009



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Haunted House Boards

Check out the new boards that I have added that are for use in haunted houses.  Of course, you can probably use them for other things, too!

  • Bat Eyes

  • Cave Eyes

  • RF Wireless Triggers

  • Sound Activated Relay

  • Sound to Servo Controller

  • Programmable Servo Controllers

  • Programmable Relay Controllers

  • Programmable Relay/Servo Controller Combo

To find out more about these boards, click on the Haunted House Boards link on the left.



Top Sellers

10 Amp - 8 Relay TTL-Driven Relay Board: $51.00

Here is a nice compact board for controlling devices that require higher loads (lights, heaters, solenoids, etc.) with TTL-level signals.  This board can switch AC or DC loads up to 10A (although, I wouldn’t use it for anything that drew that much).  These boards have normally open and normally closed contacts.  They require 12VDC for operation and 1 TTL signal per relay circuit.  Click on the 10 Amp Relay Boards link to the left for other versions of this board.


Info Sheet



Thermocouple Amplifier Board: $30.50

This circuit board is based on the Analog Devices AD595 Thermocouple Amplifier.  The nice thing about this chip is that it has on-board ice-point reference so there is no need to compensate for it.  The output for these boards is approximately 10mV per degree C.  For instance, if you are measuring 15 degrees C, the output from this circuit will be 150 mV.  –15 degrees C =  -150 mV.  If you use a DAC board with this, it must be able to handle these voltages. These boards use a Type K thermocouple (not included).  Requires 7.5 – 32 VDC input.  Click on the Thermocouple Amplifier link to the left for other versions of this board.  For use with Type J or Type K thermocouples - Please specify which type you want when ordering.

Info Sheet

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